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Product Range:Titanium alloy Rods,Tubes,Sheets,Wire,Fittings,Ingot,Titanium Powder,Anodes Year Established:1998 Capital:USD5,000,000Export Percentage:50-55%Main Export Market: South East Asia, EU, North America, Middle East Baoji sunhope Titanium industry Co.,Ltdwas established in 1998 in Baoji(which is well-known as 'TITANIUM VALLEY OF CHINA'),China.We focus on producing andmarketing a wide variety of Titanium & Titanium alloy products. ASTM, AMS, MIL standards and specifications available. ISO9001:2000 certified. Our products include Titanium sheets, rods, tubes, pipes, wire, anodes,expanded,spiral tube,basket, fittings,etc. We procuce spherical Titanium powder that contains 500-1000ppm oxygen which is one of the best within the industry.Our main equipments include: The equipments designed and manufactured by our company for spherical metal powder production; 2000 MT Hydraulic Press;SXP-13 Precision Forging Press; 6MT Double Chamber VAR Furnace;1.2M Reversible Cold-Rolling Mill;Three-roller cold rolling machine;Eddy current tester;15M Vacuum Anealing Furnace;Non Destructive Test Equipment. Ultrasonic Detector for Billet and Sheet. One of the ways that we meet our customers' needs is by being the complete Titanium source.Furthermore, we are adding customer value continuously depending on our Know-how technics, marketing strategy and excellent customer service. If you are looking for the best solution of Titanium:quality products, excellent customer service,on time shipping and best prices-contact BOTi.