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Zinc Sulphate 99%

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Min Order Quantity: 1FCL
  • Production Capacity: 1000000MT/YEAR
Zinc Sulphate 99%
Supplier Details
Company: Taian Luchen Chemical Co.,Ltd
Tel: 86 - 187 - 65891870
Address: 158 Main Street South Gate Jinan Shandong China
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Selling Parameters

Zinc sulphate98%Product Description

Zinc sulphate Hepta  

Chemical Formula  ZnSO4.7H2O  
CAS No.  7446-20-0  
HS code  28332930  
Appearance:White or slight yellow crystal or powder, efflorescence to white powder.
Main content                    97% min
Zn                             20% min
As                             10ppm max
Pb                             15ppm  max
Water insoluble                     0.05% max
Cd                             25ppm max
Hg                             1ppm max

1 , emetic, supplement, displacement agent
2 , zinc supplement and pesticide;
3 , industrial material ; mordant agent of printing and dyeing, preserv agent;water treatment agent; mineral separation agent

Zinc sulphate Mono
Chemical Formula  ZnSO4.1H2O
CAS NO.  7446-19-7
HS code  28332930

Appearance                      Pink powder or granular
Main content                98% min
Zn                         35% min
As                         5ppm max
Pb                         15ppm  max
Water insoluble                0.05% max
Cd                         10ppm max
Hg                         2ppm max
Granular size                1-2mm, 2-4 mm

In dyeing; for red glazes on porcelain; boiling oils for varnishes; in fertilizers for vines, tobacco; in feeds.

Package  25kg P.P. woven bag with inner P.E. bag ;
1000kg P.P. woven jumbo bag with inner P.E. bag ;
Or according to customer's request

Company Profile
Taian Luchen Chemical Co.,Ltd is a dynamic and customer oriented company specializing in providing specialty chemicals to many industries including Paint, Textile, Water treatment, rubber, Fertilizer, Cleaning Materials, Coating-Printing, Agriculture and Cosmetics. welcome contac us.