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Wooden Blocks with Numbers Set

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Min Order Quantity: 100 EUR
Wooden Blocks with Numbers Set
Supplier Details
Company: The Wooden Horse
Tel: 370 - 655 - 34284
Address: Dziaugsmo g. 58-D Vilnius Vilnius Lithuania
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Selling Parameters

Wooden blocks - educational toy that helps child in development of large and small motor skills, also helps baby to differ and sort out colours.

Encourages imagination and emotional and social development. Join the fabulous trip and ask your child to tell his experience and thereby you will help by improving his speech.

Just like all wooden toys, these wood blocks shine warmth and comfort, it is really a small piece of art. Wooden parts are pleasure to touch. They are smooth and completely safe for your child - made from real wood, colored with organic dyes. Wooden toys are very durable, so baby can enjoy it for very long time.

Size: packaging 18,5x7,5x4,5 cm, blocks 4x4x4 cm.

Set of 10 wooden blocks with numbers.

Made in Lithuania, CE marked.

Company Profile
We offer a large selection of wooden toys. All our toys are hand made, eco-friendly, carefully coloured with innocuous and non-toxic paint,have certificates,are natural, safe for children and are made in Lithuania. We guarantee the quality of our toys. We have a beautiful and unique selection of hundreds of top-quality rocking toys like rocking horses, rabbitsand swings; pulling toys, educational like blocks, blocks with numbers and letters, magnetic drawing boards, puzzles and lacing toys; pushing toys like animals, strollers, carts, stick horses, tracktors, trucks and plains; musical toys like rattles, clappers and castanets; cardboard houses, garagesand blocks; heating toys like pandas, monkeys, rabbits, bears and cats; linen dolls and other wooden toys like wooden boats, ships, cars, dolls' houses, beds, cradles, funiture, conctructors, windmills, kaleidoscopes, teat holders, bows with arrows, irons, sword, shield and everything at great prices!