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Urine Reagent Strip

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Condorteco
  • Min Order Quantity: 1000 bottles
  • Delivery Time: According to the Order q'ty
  • Packaging Details: 100 strips/bottle, 50/100/150/200 bottles/carton
Urine Reagent Strip
Supplier Details
Company: Beijing Condor-Teco Medical Technology Co., Ltd
Tel: 86 - 010 - 52403720
Address: 23# Huoju Street,Changping Science Park Beijing Beijing 102200 China
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Selling Parameters

Welcome to Condor-Teco, professional manufacturer of Urine Reagent Strips for hospital, lab and home use. 

Urine Reagent Strips (URS) for Urinalysis are firm plastic strips to which several different reagent areas are affixed. Depending on the product being used, Urine Reagent Strips provide tests for Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone , Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Leukocytes, and Ascorbic Acid in Urine. Test results may provide information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and bacteriuria. Please refer to the outside box and bottle label for the specific test parameters of the product you are using. 

URS-1B Blood 

URS-1G Glucose 

URS-1K Ketone 

URS-1P Protein 

URS-2K Glucose/Ketone 

URS-2P Glucose/Protein 

URS-3 Protein/Glucose/Ph 

URS-3K Protein/Glucose/Ketone 

URS-4B Glucose/Protein/pH/Blood 

URS-4S Glucose/Protein/pH/Specific Gravity 

URS-5K Blood/Ketone/Glucose/Protein/PH 

URS-5U Blood/Urobilinogen/Glucose/Protein/PH 

URS-5S Blood/Specific Gravity/Glucose/Protein/PH 

URS-6 Protein/pH/Blood/Ketone/Bilirubin/Glucose 

URS-6L Blood/PH/Protein/Glucose/Nitrite/Leukocyte 

URS-7 Urobilinogen/Protein/PH/Blood/Ketone/Bilirubin/Glucose 

URS-7L Leukocyte/Protein/pH/Blood/Specific Gravity/Ketone/Glucose 

URS-8 Nitrite/Urobilinogen/Protein/pH/Blood/Ketone/Bilirubin/Glucose 

URS-9 Nitrite/Urobilinogen/Protein/pH/Blood/Specific Gravity/Ketone/Bilirubin/Glucose 

URS-10 Leukocytes/Nitrite/Urobilinogen/Protein/pH/Blood/Specific Gravity/Ketone/Bilirubin/Glucose 

URS-11 Leukocytes/Nitrite/Urobilinogen/Protein/pH/Blood/Specific Gravity/Ketone/Bilirubin/Glucose/Ascorbic Acid 

The reagent strips are packaged in plastic vials containing a desiccant and closed with a tightly fitting plastic stopper cap and aluminum foil cover. The directions must be followed exactly and it is necessary to use fresh, well mixed uncentrifuged urine for optimal results, the test strips must be maintained tightly capped in the plastic vial to assure reagent reactivity. 

100 strips/bottle, 50/100/150/200 bottles/carton. CE approved. OEM available.

Company Profile
Beijing Condor-Teco Medical Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Changping Science Park in China's capital city of Beijing, is a high-tech enterprise established in October 2002. Co-founded by Zhejiang Condor Holdings, Erdos Cashmere Group and Teco Diagnostic Co., Ltd., we have registered capital worth RMB22.22 million. Condor-Teco is specialized in the manufacture of in vitro diagnostic devices and consumables, includingurine reagent strips, urine strip readers, coagulation analyzers, ESR analyzers, reagents, etc. Furthermore, we have additionally begun to produce specific reagents matching biological and chemical equipment in recent years.Boasting expert R&D, production, sales and customer service departments, we rank among the few rare enterprises meeting GMP standards in the Chinese diagnostic and reagent market. Utilizing multiple production lines integrating advanced equipment and research devices, all of our technologies meet the ISO13485 quality management standard, in addition to passing auditing under CE stipulations.Specializing in urine reagent tests and urinalysis strips, we have obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights due to our qualified R&D team's unremitting efforts. Also cooperating with the National Academy of Medical Science under the State government's eleventh "Five Year Plan", we were made responsible for the R&D, application and promotion of portable urine analyzers.A major player in the Chinese urinalysis market, we also export our products to clients around the world. In fact, our main overseas markets now include the UK, USA, Poland, India, Cameroon, Egypt, Yemen, Brazil, Chile and dozens of others countries. Using advanced diagnostic technology provided by Teco Diagnostic in the USA, combined with Condor Holdings' vast sales network and the Erdos Group's powerful brand image, we are deeply convinced that we will become a leader in the world medical diagnostic market.