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  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: 896,988,NF-510,728,PN-2,GR-1
Supplier Details
Company: Wuhan Fengfan Trading CO., Ltd
Tel: 86 - 27 - 83560745
Address: floor 5th, Zhongxin Building. No.17 Jiangxing Rd. Jinahan Economic Developing Zone, Wuhan City Wuhan Hubei 430023 China
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Selling Parameters

896 series Degreasing agent
(1)896 series degreasing agent from our company R&D which has pH=10~12, fast degreasing speed and high product efficiency. It can be operated at room temperature, energy saving, etc.
(2)The products include suitable of chemical electrolytic degreasing of iron, and steel non-ferrous, Zn-Al alloys, Al-section bars. It is also as the chemical wax remover for special used to fast removing polish plaster.

988 Destain King
The destain king has excellent inhibition for metal. The steel parts is not produce over corrosion during pickling at less than eight hours.
It can be quickly soluted for the rust and black scale, reduce hydrogen brittleness, keep metal glosses.
The strong restrain acid haze ability. Could not produce harmful gases. It can improve operate conditions, corresponding to reduce cost of equipment, extend useful life of HCl. Reduced content of HCl and throw-out of waste water.
It suitable for treatment prior to plating of low, middle and high carbon steal wire, cool tape, plates structure parts and HCl pickling of various surface treatment process.

NF-510 Agent for dewatering and prevent changing color
(1)NF-510 is a high effect dewatering agent, low useful concentration at 0.3-1%. Long duration of effect.
(2)fast dewatering NF-501 has strong dewatering ability, parts immersing in dewater solution for 10-15 see. It can be fully dewatered.
(3)Preventing rust and change color. NF-501 includes more kinds inhibitor since their synergism. It can be increased preventing rust and change color ability of deposit.
(4)Easy to maintain. NF-501 has wide useful concentration range. The 0.3-1.0% concentration range with excellent dewatering performance

728 Dewatering agent
This is a new generation dewatering product that is can be formed an abhor water film on surface of parts. Reached to fast dewatering aim. Saving times, saving electric, saving forces, the anti salt fog performance is noticeably increased due to existed abhor film on surface.
Procedure: plating → rinse double → immerse dewaterant → rinse or warm water rinse → dry

PN-2 Aqueous varnish coating
The product has excellent corrosion for resistance atmosphere, resistance acid and alkaline chemicals etc. it has high hardness, glosses chubby. The plated parts can be directly coated after rinse. Operating simply suitable for decorative of articles which used in high need for surface during process. It has excellent environment protection performance.

GR-10 Passivation powder for high corrosion resistance zinc plating
The products are suitable for various kinds of zinc plating layers. The beautiful appearance with blue-white in color of passivation film can be obtained by passivation treatment. The blue-white color is a prevail color in international market.It has excellent corrosion resistance. It has passed test of plating test center of China which according to GB/T10125-97, GB/T 9800-88 Standard. The neutral salt fog test more than 48 hours, available for produces which has been required for high corrosion resistance.
Performance of products is corresponding to same type products on international market.; and export to international market.

White passivation agent for zinc plating
It is has excellent corrosion resistance. The appearance showing silver-white color , process stable, operating simple.

L-type Irisated passivator
The passivation film has brightly colorful and lustrous, high adhesion strength. Process stable and good corrosion resistance.

Blue � white Passivator
The process without six-valent Cr. Suitable for environment protection. Performance of process stable. Good corrosion resistance. It can be obtained ideal color, if A-B agents are taken proper adjustment.
1. Suitable for parts with general requirement.
2. Suitable for parts with big corrosion resistance requirement. Deep blue or plate parts.

Black Passivator for zinc plating
The A,B black color passivator which is produced by our company can obtained bright black passivation film on zinc deposit, it can be increased protection and decorative of zinc deposit.

WT Impurities Remover for alkaline zinc plating
It is effectively remove metallic impurities such as Cu, Pb, Cr, Fe etc. and organic decomposition in either cyanide-free or cyanide alkaline zinc plating bath. It passed treat bath can be recovered to make-up bath level.

WZn Impurities remover for acid zinc plating
(1)It can be selectively precipitated bivalent and trivalent Fe ions but can not precipitate Zn from plating bath.
(2)Formed precipitate is little. High tability. It can not repeat solve, therefore need not immediate filtrate.
(3)It without harm effective for additives and have no effect for duration and function of bath.
(4)It can be also removed for Pb, Cu impurities.

WS-1 Sealer for high corrosion resistance zinc deposit
It is a new product of our company. It can be obtained excellent corrosion resistance for zinc deposit. The zinc deposit immersed sealer after with passivation, its corrosion resistance is very increased.
Process is simple, easy to operate. Its quality is comparable to same product of foreign.

W-710 fast stripper for Cu/Ni/Cr deposit
The clear and bright of surface after stripped of deposit. It can directly plating. Has long duration of bath. Process is stable, operate simple, fast stripping speed. W-710 additive is can be increased stripping speed.

Company Profile
Wuhan Fengfan Trading Co., Ltd, whose precursor is the Imp. & Exp. Department of Wuhan Fengfan Chemical Co., Ltd, is a professional trading company for importing and exporting various products, which was established on January of year 2005.Our products are mainly included electroplating chemical intermediates, electroplating additives, brightener, surface treatment agents for electroplating, and special fine chemicls. We also deal in export trade, such as all concerned basic chemical materials, equipment, apparatus and auxiliary device for surface treatment.By the last more than 20 years, we had won a well-known international reputation by our high quality products and faithful service. Our products have been exported to almost all of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Syria, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Japan, South Corea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and other countries.As our business progresses, we have built a long-term and mutually trusted business relationship with our customers. In order to give our clients a good all around service, we registeredWuhan Fengfan Trading Co., Ltd. Now our business scope has been extended to hardware, apparel, footwear and headwear, textile, office supplies, mechanical equipment and its spare parts, construction materials, decorative materials, instruments and meters, equipments for environment protection, chemical equipment; also including the sales for chemical products and materials and its consulting for transfer of technology; at the same time we can act as an agent for importing and exporting all kinds of commodities and technology for our customers.To be a specialist of surface chemical treatment with you, we are looking forward to cooperating with all of our regular and new customers, it is our great pleasure to provide our best products and service for you all.