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Tpu Laser Film

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: gx-2-1
  • Brand Name: laser film
Tpu Laser Film
Supplier Details
Company: Shen Zhen Gao XiangTPU Company
Tel: 86 - 0755 - 29654568
Address: Song Gang Bao An Shen Zhen Shenzhen Guangdong 518105 China
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Selling Parameters

TPU films have high transparency, high strength, high toughness, high elasticity, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, aging, environmental non-toxic, biodegradable and other excellent properties; also has waterproof and breathable, wind, cold, anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet other excellent performance, Wide range of applications in different areas. Is a green film, PVC film to replace the ideal substitute.
TPU Full name:Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
Production range:
Transparency, color, composite TPU, aluminum silver film; hardness 75-98A; thickness 0.1-2.0mm; wide 500-1700MM.

Company Profile
Shenzhen Gao Xiang Green Plastic Co., Ltd., Specializes in development and production of "plastic polymer" new environmentally friendly products. (Referred to as: TPU film) to credit management, timely delivery, quality and excellence policy has won praise of customers. To better meet customer demand, our company produces TPU film, color / thickness / width and surface effects can be adjusted according to customers requirements. Has been developed TPU-film "green film" because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, widely used in different fields, TPU film is environmentally friendly processing of thermoplastic molding products use a high level of physical processing conditions and production technology. TPU-FILM , hardness 75-98A adjustable, high elasticity, high strength, high toughness, good hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance, mildew, abrasion resistance, the abrasion resistance than rubber, the same transparency in PVC, can be used plastic, rubber processing all processing approach, more plastic, rubber does not have the ultra-low temperature flexibility, minus 40 degrees Celsius below the normal use of still negative 70 degrees Celsius until brittle. TPU Full name:Thermoplastic PolyurethanesProduction range:Transparency, color, composite TPU, aluminum silver film; hardness 75-98A; thickness 0.05-2.5mm; wide 500-1700MM.Products List1. Polyester Series2. Polyether Series3. Waterproof&Breathable4. Anti-Yellow(No Yellowing)Usage:1. Electron Field2. Shoematerial Field3. Clothing&Accessories4. Industrial Parts Field5. Sports Equipment Field6. Auto Industry Field7. Other products FieldProcessing methods:1. Thermal processing: high-frequency. Ultrasound. Pressing machine thermoforming.2. Chemical bonding.