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Thee-axis Dispensing Robot

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: SZY-200-11
  • Brand Name: DAHENG
  • Min Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Production Capacity: 30 sets/month
  • Delivery Time: 1 month
  • Packaging Details: wood
Thee-axis Dispensing Robot
Supplier Details
Company: Guangzhou Daheng Automation Equipment Co.,LTD
Tel: 86 - 020 - 85697382
Address: 3rd Floor, 2nd Building, 6 Hongyuan Rd, Guangzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone (East Zone Guangzhou Guangdong China
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Selling Parameters

three-axis dispenser, X-Y-X axis travel 600mm-600-80mm, 2 set of control system of glue, servo motor/screw transmission, portal-type motion.


Technical Parameters of Three-Axis Series:

Travel: can choose X axis Y axis 200-600mm, or Z axis 60-80mm

Speed: X, Y, Z axis 250mm/s

Repetitive Accuracy of Position:±0.01mm

Dispensing accuracy: ±0.01ml

Motion trail: point, straight line, curve, arc and a variety of irregular track.


Power source: AC220V 50Hz 

Air pressure: 0.4-0.8MPa


Products Application Environment of Three-Axis Series:

Industry: Widely applied in dispensing of SMD, bulb lamp, COB binding, hand touch, TOP, dot matrix modules, nixie tube, circuit board, relay, cell phone and various electronics.

Glue: Being applicable to epoxy resin, silica gel, yellow glue, white glue, black glue, speaker glue and various glue and fluid.


Benefit of Three-Axis to Customers:

1, to save labor, and improve efficiency

2, to save glue and reduce waste and costs

3, to improve products quality, enhance competition of enterprises.

4, to beautify workshop environment, easily manage 6S of factory

5, to solve the difficulty of managing workers, looking for workers, the high cost of workers, not flexible in off season.




Products Feature of Three-Axis


1, Easy to operate

Touch screen display operation, Chinese interface, record data, display and warn


2, precise controlling quantity of glue

All key parts are imported, being having unique controlling system, and not be affected by air pressure which avoid uneven dispensing, wiredrawing and galling etc.


3, convenient program editing:

This machine used teaching programming system, easy for operation; can use computer to read AutoCAD files and then download to the functions of the machine by U disk or serial cable.


4,quick program adjustment

In dispenser controlling system, it can store 100 files and only do the simple selection operation that can adapt to different workpiece


5, Simple adjustment of dispensing syringe.

Syringe can be adjusted in X, Y, Z direction and not need to readjust after change the syringe


6,Good generality, fast speed:

Can choose 1,2,4 dispensing head which improve speed; widely used in various fluid, industry, graphics(point, straight line, curve , any point and line combinations)



Pls contact: Ms.Amy  SKYPE: amy.cn86   Cell: 86 15361792426

Company Profile
Guangzhou Daheng automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a pioneering enterprise specialised in R & D and production of Liquid Dispensing Machine. With solid strength and rich experience, this company has been working closely with domestic famous research institute and developed and extend our business to overseas customers, during which we improved existing products: Manual Dispenser, Semi-automatic Dispense Machine, Glue Mixing Machine, Glue Filling Machine, LED Module Pouring Machine, Coating Machine, Automatic Spraying Glue Machine etc. Many of our products and technology are submitted for patent application. We also provide customized products and services according to customer requirements.The machine applies in a variety of industries:LED Display, LED Module, Soft /Hard Light Strip, Power Supply, Relay, Semiconductor, Connector, PV Panel, Auto, Motorcar, Engine, Switch, Transformer, Resistor, Capacitor, Battery, Inductance, PCB, SMT, LCD, Ignition Coil, CPU cooler, Crystal, Eyeglass Frame, Optical Lens, Mini-motor, Shoes, Lamp, Toys, Filter, Bearing, Camera, Computer, Keyboard, Clock, Disc-driver, Earphone, Loudspeaker, Air Purifier, Electronic Scale, Medical Apparatus, Artware & Gift, Cutting Tool, Crystal Album etc.