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Street Lighting HRL(T)2-2

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: HRL(T)2-2
  • Brand Name: hengri
Street Lighting HRL(T)2-2
Supplier Details
Company: Jiangsu Hengri Lighting Co.,Ltd
Tel: 86 - 0511 - 86389666
Address: Hengri Industrial Park Zhenjiang Jiangsu 212323 China
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Selling Parameters

Characteristics of the light fixtures
Upper shell: formed through aluminium alloy plate calendering
Body: GE Plasticspps is adopted; PPS fiber plastic steel and aluminium alloy die-casting aluminium beam constitute the light body, which is solid and durable.
Lampshade: PC transparent or subtransparent type uvioresistant shock-resistance high-temperature lampshade is applied.
Type of lampshade:
(1) round PC transparent/subtransparent;
(2) oblate PC transparent/subtransparent;
(3) conical PC transparent/ subtransparent;
(4) 5mm plain tempered glass
Type of lamp ring: (1) round, and (2) beveled lamp rings
Lighting system: electrification treatment & catoptric system of aluminium alloy plate
Mounting bracket: formed through aluminium alloy die-casting

Characteristics of the light fixtures:
It can be used for lighting of main trunk roads, living quarters and courtyards
High-pressure sodium lamp 100W, 150W, 250W and 400W light sources
Regulating the light distribution through adjustable sealing screw
Dismountable ballast and easy maintenance
IP66 protection grade
Performance of the electrical equipment: Class 1
Mode of installation:
Three types of installation: 1) Suspension installation; 2) Horizontal installation; and 3) Vertical installation Recommended height: 5m-12m
Diameter of mounting hole: φ42mm*100mm for suspension installation; φ60mm-φ76*100mm for steel pipe for horizontal & vertical installation
Adjustable lamp height: 0°-20°, 5° each time 

Company Profile
Jiangsu Hengri Lighting Co., Ltd. built in 1996 is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of lighting equipments. After 15 years of efforts, Hengri Co., Ltd has grown into the all-round enterprise which integrates the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and together. The company has modern production system to make crafted and intricate products, which creates a good brand image for the enterprise. To achieve long-term sustainable development of the corporate, the company now occupies 60,000 square meters, building area of 18,000 square meters, and the production equipments includes the 1250 tons, 900 tons, 650 tons, 280 tons of high-performance cold chamber die-casting machines, 315t hydraulic tensile machine, 60-40 tons of punching machine, 2m folding machine and 4m shears machine. What's more, the company owns an advanced 40m gas heated drying tunnel duplex powder coating equipment to meet the needs of the business. The company has set up a Product R&D Department, hiring a number of senior lighting technical development engineers and highly qualified professional staffs. Learn the advanced technology of foreign lighting to develop the products. We had made remarkable achievements, and the company was among the first recommended lamp manufacturers, and got AAA Credit Rating of the People's Bank of China. And our company was confirmed as the excellent road lighting quality assured brand by the China Technical Supervision Information Association and trustworthy enterprise in Zhenjiang. The exploration of the Hengri staffs finally came to fruition. In the fierce market competition, Hengri staffs continue to pursue with no complacence in the face of the tremendous achievements. Currently, Hengri has established a strong sales and service network. By the virtue of their own efforts and the care and support of everyone, Hengri will contribute to the country's modernization of urban construction to the best of their ability. [ Buying Categories ] - Lights & Lighting >> Lighting Fixtures