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Solvent Based Laminating Adhesives

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: comens
Solvent Based Laminating Adhesives
Supplier Details
Company: Beijing Comens New Materials Co., Ltd
Tel: 86 - 10 - 80341745
Address: No.8 yanshan industry zone, fangshan district Beijing Beijing 102502 China
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Selling Parameters

Solvent based laminating adhesives

 The two-component solvent based laminating adhesives are polyester-based systems applied out of ethyl acetate. These adhesives can be tailored to various demanding applications from general performance to high performance, including chemical resistance, additive resistance, and retorting and sterilization resistance.



Flexible packaging market/ Medical market/ Snack food market/ meat and liquids market/ cosmetics market

General performance

 1\ Economical laminating adhesives for lamination OPP/CPP, OPP/PE, PA/PE, PET/PE

 2\ Multi-purpose laminating adhesives for PET/PE,   PET/AL AL/PE,   Plastic film / Metalized film lamination

Medium performance

1\ PU laminating adhesive for metalized films with retorting to 121℃×40min

2\ Special laminating adhesive with excellent additive resistance


High performance

1\Chemical resistant laminating adhesive for Film/film, Film/metalized film (PET/PA/AL/CPP) lamination.

2\Special Lamination Adhesive for retorting to 135℃×30min  for Film/film ,  Film/metalized film,  Film/AL foil lamination.

Company Profile
COMENS New Materials Co. Ltd is a leading company in China in the field of adhesive and sealant based on polyurethane and acrylic technologyOur laminating adhesive systems include .solvent-free laminating adhesive (one- or two- component).solvent-based laminating adhesvie(from general to high purpose).water-based laminating adhesive( PU and acrylic based).cold-seal laminaitng adhesives theseare used for plastic films, Al foil, metalized films and steel laminating in the following application: food package, medical package, cosmetics package, pesticide package, cable protective film, steel lamination and so on.COMENS also provides the extrusion and printing primers (AC agent) and ink binders.