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SRO Electric Arc Protective Clothings

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: SRO
SRO Electric Arc Protective Clothings
Supplier Details
Company: Sro Group (CHINA)
Tel: 86 - 21 - 61136292
Address: Unit 1101-1103, Tong Da Chuang Ye building, No.1, 600 Tianshan Rd shanghai shanghai 200050 Hong Kong
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Selling Parameters

SRO utilizes inherent fire retardant and electric arc resistant materials to produce resistance to high electric current uniform

An electric arc is an electrical breakdown of a gas resulting from a high electrical current. When a person comes close to such current, the arc produced can create a high temperature ranging from 3000oC-20000oC, causing a heated gas explosion and severe electrical burns. SRO electric arc protective apparels utilize inherent fire retardant and electric arc resistant materials to make up the high-energy arc interlayer, in order to protect those exposed to strong electrical currents by reducing or avoiding the hazards.

Produced in accordance with American requirement of NFPA 70Z. Has achieved the American Standards ASTM F1506-01(a), ASTM F1959-06 and GB8965-1998, and passed IEC61482-1(2002-2)
Made of SRO X-FIPER™ meta-aramid fibers and other high-performance, fire retardant, anti-static materials from the USA, France and Japan.
Depending on the hazards being exposed, designs single, double, three layer styles are available. There are also 4 classes of electric arc protective gloves available from SRO: 5 KCal/CM2, 8 KCal/CM2, 25 KCal/CM2 and 35 KCal/CM2
Widely used in stations where power is generated, power transmitted and used, and those workplaces where electrical arc is common.

Company Profile
SRO Group(China) Limited, a leading company in advance technical fiber and protective equipment industry, is a dedicated aramid fiber and high performance personal protective product manufacture, which is also the first vertical integrated manufacturer who has the ability to provide products from fiber, yarn, fabric to finished garments. Integrating our R&D resources in shanghai, Jiangsu and guangdong bases, we are continuously seeking the best solution to fulfill the needs of future.Shanghai SRO protective Equipment Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high-tech protective equipments, dedicate to R&D, manufacturing and marketing development. It has been one of the biggest professional manufactures with well recognized brands and products in china.Our products are SRO protective clothing for firefighters, high temperature resistant and flame retardant protective apparels, anti-static clothing, electric arc flash hazards protective clothing, smelting clothing, ordinary flame retardant clothing, high-tech and high performance protective products and related high temperature resistant and flame retardant fabrics and accessories. All products are compliance to GB8965-1998, GB12014-89, GB18401-2003, EN533, EN532, EN531, ASTM, NPFA70E standards.With various of protective properties, our products are widely used in the areas for personal protection, such as fire fighting, armed police, military, petrochemical, chemicals, chemical transmission, inflammable gas, paint manufacture, law enforcement,electrical utilities and etc.And as electric arc protective clothing in the electrical power generation, power supply, electricity service industries. Providing the most suitable solution to customers is our goal and key to success. The brand your trust, the protection you wear is a mission for all SRO employees. [ Buying Categories ] - Security & Protection >> Firefighting Supplies - Security & Protection >> Police & Military Supplies - Security & Protection >> Self Defense Supplies - Security & Protection >> Other Security & Protection Products