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  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: 0371
  • Brand Name: Jing Lian
  • Min Order Quantity: 5ton
  • Production Capacity: 25tons per day
  • Delivery Time: within 10 days after receive the order
  • Packaging Details: 25kg/bag,three layers of paper bags
Supplier Details
Company: Zhengzhou Jing Lian Water Purification Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86 - 371 - 66738153
Address: 1034 Room,Futian Building,Hanghai Road Zhengzhou Henan 450000 China
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Selling Parameters




Production art:


The zwitterionic pam is made by the vinyl amide, cationic monomer vinyl, and acrylamide. By infrared spectroscopy analysis, it not only has the "negative carboxyl charge after hydrolysis , but also has vinyl positive charge. This leads to the constitutes both have  the positive charge on the molecular chain and have negative charge of the zwitterionic irregular polymers.


Main usage:

1)    plugging agent ,it is test by the oil field. This agent is more effective than other single ion agent.

2)    The most update water treatment chemical. When it is used on many wastewater treatment scenes,it can reduce more surface press than anionic pam or the cationic pam.

3)Sludge dewatering agent .Because much complexer the Sewage Disposal,the higher requirement it need in the wastewater treatment .

Especially for the refinery and chemical industry, the effect will be more outstanding.

4)papermaking industry usage. It has special fuction in the filter aid and retention,for it can improve the running water speed under the net. Also it can reduce the fiber packing loss, can effect to the wet system. Into the paper on the smoothness, strength, and both sides have to promote and compensate .


[Technical Indicators]


molecular weight

solid content%

positive ionic degree

negative ionic degree


≥ 89  










High molecular weight

Good water solubility

Could change molecular weight for different usage

Could add ion gene for the special function


Can make Hydrophilic and water-insoluble gel

Good Adhesion for the appearance of Flocculation Group and Dissolved substances

Thickener or stabilizer for Dispersed materials


It is used in Flocculation, Thickener, Reduce the resistanceï¼ÂŒBondï¼ÂŒreduce Dirt


Our product have cationic pam ,anionic pam ,nonionic pam  ,zwitterionic pam







Company Profile
For decades of years, we have had trials and hardships from venture to development. We are always science and technology oriented, and specialize in the development and production of environmental chemicals and oilfield fertilizer. In the year of 2008, Jinglian Chemical was established by Zhengzhou Jing Lian Water Purification Materials Co., Ltd. as a new collective enterprise with two large-scale production bases. Shandong Liaocheng Production Base is producing PAM and introduces European production technology. Now, we have three lines of hydrolysis polyacrylamide with domestic advanced clustering methods. We can produce anion, cationic, nonionic and zwitterions, totally 10,000 tons yearly. The other production base is in Puyang of Henan, producing various types of oil additives, with an annual output of totally 15,000 tons of potassium polyacrylate, 80A-51 and sulfonate asphalt powder. Our products are used in oil, paper, coal, textiles, chemicals, environmental protection and water treatment industry. Our sales network is all over the country and our products are exported to Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries, winning a lot of customers. Our belief is "same price with higher quality, same quality with better service than others". We thank the support and care from all customers. We will continue to provide good quality and favorable price for you before the deal, during the deal and after the deal. We are looking forward to your sincere cooperation and common development.