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PLATIVE PPC7703 Peelable Protective Paint

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Aco.Amen
PLATIVE PPC7703 Peelable Protective Paint
Supplier Details
Company: Aco.Amen Chemical Technology Ltd.
Tel: 86 - 0769 - 33203847
Address: Aco18, Xiaobu, Fengang, Dongguan,Guangdong, China Dongguan Guangdong 518111 China
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Selling Parameters

PLATIVE PPC7703 Peelable Protective Paint

Ⅰ、Brief Description

PLATIVE PPC7703, the peelable protective paint, is specialized applied to silk screen printing, pad printing, spraying, and so on. acid or alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good adhesion, and fast-drying, peeling easy.

Ⅱ、Operational Guidance

         First, to clean and dry the surface, make sure no grease, no dust. Second, to paint the surface where prevent from printing next (ALATIVE T7701 can be used to dilute the product). Then, forced dry at 70 ℃ before printing. After printing, the coating can be manual stripping, or peeled with adhesive tape.


         Before use, low-speed mixing uniform of PLATIVE PPC7703 is required; dilute the product with special additives ALATIVE T7701,or else it could lead to paint deterioration; the film with a certain thickness, is in order to peeling easy after printing.


Company Profile
Aco.Amen Chemical Technology Ltd., committed to the development of the four industries, "Aco.Amin" printing supplies, "Aco.Amen" chemical additives, "Aco.Amen" surface treatment raw materials, "Aco.Amon" lubricants. He widely services in many fields, the packaging and printing industries, the production of paint and ink, electroplating industry, machinery manufacturing and transmission industries.Aco.Amin printing supplies: Pad and screen printing ink. Metal, glass and ceramic printing ink. Printing ink for UV coat and plating surface. Printing ink for hardening PC and PMMA. PP and PET ink. Rubber ink. Craft ink for stone, wood. Stretchable ink for leather and nylon. Process ink for advertising. Instrument and nameplates special inks. Anti-counterfeiting watermark ink. Special IMD ink. Special water-based varnish and so on. Aco.Amen chemical additives: Solvent based - Rheological agents for spray. Retarder. Anti-static and anti-adhesion paste. Activator, Handling agents. Stains cleaning agents; Water borne - Ultra-fine powder wetting and dispersing agent. Organic pigment wetting and dispersing agent. High-thixotropic rheological agent. High shear rheology agent. Long-term suppression foam. Quick defoaming agents. Anti-mildew and anti-corrosion agents and so on.Aco.Amen raw materials of surface treatment: Protect paint for vacuum plating. Protective paint for ion-plating. Insulated paint for corrosion. Protect paint for metal oxide. Protect paint for glass etching. Protective paint for abrasive blasting. Peelable protective paint and so on.Aco.Amon lubricats: Industrial machinery lubrication. Circulating lubricating oil. Lubricants for food processing. Lubricants for car, shipping and rotating equipment. Sealants and piston lubricants.Aco.Amen Chemical Technology Ltd., belongs to AMMEN Imperial Group.