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New 100L Double Planetary Power Mixer

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: PPMM100L
New 100L Double Planetary Power Mixer
Supplier Details
Company: Guangzhou Hongyun Mixing Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86 - 20 - 34881055
Address: No.17 Dongsheng Rd.Chadong Village Shiji Town Panyu Guangzhou China Guangzhou Guangdong 541120 China
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Selling Parameters

Equipment Characteristics

Our Double Planetary Power Mixers combines the traditional two blades rotating on their own axes, while adding two high speed interchangeable dispersion blades. Both agitators are in constant motion which means that this machine get the job done in half the line process-time. The process of planetary rotation is that the planetary and the high speed disperser blades rotate on their own axes and also rotate continuously around the vessel.

They orbit the mixing vessel on a common axis as well as the blades continuously advance along the periphery of the vessel. By adding our rectangle head with a removable Teflon scraper can effectively remove an material from the vessel floor and walls and transport it to the interior for re-mixing.

With our Planetary Power Mixer the blades would have passed through the entire batch only after 3 revolutions an most batches would be mixed after only 35revolutions.Our Mixers are state of the art, with an optional (PLC) computer based controller you can practically control every aspect of the mixing cycle or change them on the fly. This comes down to dramatically increasing production with minimal supervision. While one vessel is wheeled away for remote discharge and cleaning, another wheels into place to start the next batch immediately. With our Silicone Carbide vs. Dual-lipped Carbon Seals eliminates contamination,meaning keeps contaminates out and the contents in.

Application Range

1. Used in Energy Resource industry:
All kinds of battery slurry and ointment material (Lithium battery, Chrome Nickel battery, hydrogen nickel battery, fuel battery, dynamics battery, button battery, etc.)
2. Used in Electronics industry:
Electrode slurry, ceramic slurry, magnetic material, silica gel printing ink, electronic dope, electronic gooey, electronic component seal glue, PVC plastic, thermoplastic, other slurries.
3. Used in Chemistry industry:
All kinds of seal glue, adhesives and sealants,mucilage glue, synthetic resin rubber, Silica oil, paint, dope, printing ink, abrasive, lube, waxen product, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, all kinds of powder stuff, ceramic paint.
4. Used in Medicine industry:
All kinds of medical ointment, macromolecule gel, capsule, syrup, tooth medicine,
5. Used in Cosmetics & Commodities industry:
Skin-care cream, lipstick, lotion, gel, facial mask, eye black, face powder, nail polish, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, body-cleaning lotion, face-cleaning cream, talcum powder
6. Used in Food Process industry:
All kinds of mixture of mash and ointment, condiment, jam

Company Profile
Guangzhou HONGYUN Mixing Equipment Co.,Ltd. is established in 1993. In the past more than 10 years, we are continuously dedicating on research, exploitation and manufacture of Mixing Machinery. Now HONGYUN has been a professional manufacturer for Mixing Machinery products of broad industrial uses including electronics, chemistry, food process, medicine and cosmetic. HONGYUN is rapidly developing with intellectual property rights, design, workshops and estate properties. Our design ideas and concepts, productive techniques have reached a high level comparing with abroad famous relative manufacturers, even certain construction design is beyond its level.??According to customers? requests of productive procedures, we have independently developed some representative series of equipments such as Double-planet Power Mixing Machine, Double-planet Mixing Machine, Hydraulic-Pressure Extrusion Machine. These products are adopted and approbated by many famous middle & large enterprises in local and overseas markets. Our products also are exclusively adopted by some well-known enterprises as their enhancive equipments. Our Company?s Policy:Satisfy the Customer?s Requests of Productive Technics all the time!We call all staffs for 3D ideation mode:- Visual Ideation- Logic Ideation- Creative Ideation