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Micromate Calcium Fortified Mix

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Min Order Quantity: 10MT
Micromate Calcium Fortified Mix
Supplier Details
Company: Stoller (Shanghai) Agriculture Technology Co.,Ltd
Tel: 86 - 021 - 68869130
Address: Room801B,Xinjian Mansion ,No488 Yaohua Road ,Pudong New Area ,Shanghai,200126,China Shanghai ?? 200126 China
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Selling Parameters



Packing: 25kg/Valve Park Bag This product is derived from chemically reacting sulfuric acid with calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, copper oxide, iron oxide, manganese oxide and zinc oxide.


Appearance : Dark Grey Granules


Calcium (Ca)    : 10% Magnesium (Mg) : 6% Sulfur (S)       : 5% Boron (B)      : 1% Copper (Cu)    : 0.3% Iron (Fe)       : 2% Manganese (Mn) : 1.5% Zinc (Zn)      : 3% 

Company Profile
Stoller, based in Houston USA, is the leading supplier of plant growth regulators and fertilizers. Since established in 1970, Stoller has been carrying a complete line of conventional nutrient fertilizers and plant growth regulators and now has 14 subsidiary companies and 50 representative agents all over the world. You could know more about us by visit the website www.stollerusa.com or www.stoller-shanghai.com Based in Houston, USA, Stoller was formed in 1970 and is the world leader in development and sales of Crop Health Products. Stoller representatives in more than 50 countries are active in the research, development and distribution of Stoller products. In addition to Crop Health Products, the company carries a complete line of major and minor nutrient fertilizer, micronutrient fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer and functional fertilizer.Stoller (Shanghai) was formed in 2005. Its function is handling all the purchasing and exporting raw material from China to our parent company Stoller USA and other foreign companies. All of these raw materials have high quality and passed our USA test standards. At the same time we could offer very competitive price because we have established long cooperating relationship with these manufacturers, so if you want the best material with good price, we will be the best selection to you.