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  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Supplier Details
Company: shenyang Lattice Luobao chemicalproducts Co.,Ltd
Tel: 86 - 024 - 31689826
Address: No.8 Huaian road,shijiazhuang city,Hebei province Shenyang Liaoning 110000 China
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Selling Parameters

Overview: also known as Zinc barium white, non-toxic white powder, insoluble in water, decomposed with acid release hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide and alkali does not work.Properties: good heat resistance it can improve the weather resistance, anti-dry, reduce costs, and has excellent shielding power of whiteness.Uses: Can be used so the rubber, paint, coatings, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and paper.Packing: plastic woven bag, 25kg / bag or 50kg / bag.
Company Profile
Weare the leading and recognized manufacturer and exporter of Caustic Soda, Carbon Black, Formic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Lithopone etc. Our high quality products have helped us to lead in to the market from the forefront.We are on never-ending quest for quality.We sincerely hope to establish various business connection and cooperations in virtue of good reputation with friends both at home and abroad. [ Buying Categories ] - Chemicals >> Organic Acid