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  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: zfsungold
  • Min Order Quantity: 1mt
  • Production Capacity: 5000MT/Year
  • Delivery Time: 15 days
  • Packaging Details: 25kg/polywoven bag or paper bag with pe inner
Supplier Details
Company: Z & F Sungold Corporation
Tel: 86 - 0532 - 55579195
Address: 714 TOWER B,QINGDAO ART-TECH CENTER,NO.63 HAIER ROAD Qingdao Shandong 266071 China
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Selling Parameters

Synonyms :D-(+)-GLUCONO-1,5-LACTONE

CAS No. :90-80-2

HS CODE :29322900.90

Molecular Weight :178.14

Chemical Formula :C6H10O6

Characteristics :White crystal powders

Main Usages :for the regulation of acidity and colour in food for the support of antioxidants and preservatives (for fine-tuning and the stabilisation of a high ph-value, in order to suppress the growth of unwanted or pathogenic microrganisms) for sausage and canned fish (as an accelerator of maturation) for shellfish and processed vegetables (as a stabilizer of colour) in baking powder (to facilitate the consistent production of acidity and so to provide constant support of baking procedures)

Company Profile
z&f sungold corporation is a global provider of food additives and ingredients specializing in serving the demand for raw materials needed for finished food products. Our clients trust us to provide quality ingredients every single time. Combined with strict manufacturing processes, top-notch R&D and a disciplined trading platform, FoodIng Group continues to build upon our experience while looking out into the future.Historyz&f sungold corporation was first established in 2001 under the name qingdao Chemicals. Our company originally operated a small plant base, manufacturing only a handful of FoodIngredients.Five years later, as our company started expanding, the group had grown to three manufacturing plants, at which point the offering of our products globally really started to take place through our first marketing-dedicated office in Shanxi.In 2005, as our business continued to grow, we moved to Shanghai and began operating under the name: Shanghai Honghao Group.It wasn?t until 2008 that we then began to have a footprint in virtually every corner of the globe as we grew to five manufacturing plants, 35 operating factories and 3 planting bases. It was also around this time that our company started to take a more aggressive participation in industry wide events, fairs and exhibitions.Today you can find our ingredients and additives being used in thousands of finished products around the world. Furthermore, our marketing business has grown so significantly, that in 2011, for the first time we bought in experienced professionals from the western part of the world to help us grow, and in some cases create new businesses in underserved markets.Mission StatementConstantly strive towards:?High quality products?Professional technology support?Total solution for food?Reasonable price?Credible friendly cooperation.