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  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: FRAKO
  • Brand Name: FRAKO
Supplier Details
Company: Shanghai ZhiChuan industry &trade co., LTD
Tel: 86 - 021 - 51029610
Address: Room 703,681 Xincunroad,Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai China
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FRAKO, FRAKO capacitor, FRAKO compensation meter, FRAKO electrolytic capacitor, FRAKO electric power capacitor, FRAKO controller

Shanghai hongyuan electrical automation Co., LTD on sale agent FRAKO capacitance German stock, FRAKO capacitor, FRAKO compensation meter, FRAKO electrolysis

Capacitor, FRAKO power capacitor, FRAKO controller

. Germany FRAKO capacitor (FRAKO low voltage compensation capacitor) with lower motor starting current, resistance to flow, built-in pressure explosion-proof device and put

Resistance protection function, the product low temperature, bring their own cooling channels, thus greatly extend the service life of the electrical section. FRAKO capacitor shell used

The acid and alkali, flame retardant, prevent leakage of insulating materials made, insulation performance is strong, won't cause harm to human body, the field use more security. The product

Compact size, light weight, small medium loss, compensation electricity saving effect is remarkable characteristics.

FRAKO controller: EMR 1100 S, EMR 1100, RM 9606, RM2106, RM2112

FRAKO capacitor, FRAKO controller, FRAKO compensation device

The FRAKO capacitor old model:

FRAKO LKT 5.0-400-D52, FRAKO LKT 15-400-D52, FRAKO LKT 20-FRAKO 400-D52, FRAKO

LKT 25-400-D52, FRAKO LKT 30-400-D52, FRAKO LKT 10-400-D52, FRAKO LKT 11.2-400

-D52, LKT 12.1-440-D52, FRAKO LKT 14.1-440-D52, FRAKO LKT 15.1-440-D52, FRAKO

LKT 20-440-D52, FRAKO LKT 24.2-440-D52, FRAKO LKT 25-440-D52, FRAKO LKT 28.2-

440-D52, FRAKO FRAKO LKT 30.2-440-D52, FRAKO LKT 9.0-480-D52, FRAKO LKT 10.8-

480-D52, FRAKO LKT 14.4-480-D52, FRAKO LKT 15.5-480-D52, FRAKO LKT 18-480-D52,

FRAKO LKT 4.3-525-D52, LKT 5.4-525-D52, FRAKO LKT 8.6-525-D52, FRAKO LKT 9.3-525

-D52, FRAKO LKT 10-525-D52, FRAKO LKT 12.5-525-D52, FRAKO LKT 15-525-D52, FRAKO

LKT 20-525-D52, FRAKO LKT 25-525-D52, FRAKO LKT 5.6-610-D52, FRAKO LKT 8.0-610

-D52, FRAKO LKT 10.5-610-D52, FRAKO LKT 11.2-610-D52 FRAKO capacitor, FRAKO controller,

FRAKO compensation devices

FRAKO capacitor new type:

FRAKO LKT 5.00-400-DB, FRAKO LKT 6.25-400-DB, FRAKO LKT 7.50-400-DB, FRAKO LKT

10.0-400-DB, FRAKO LKT 12.5-400-DB, FRAKO LKT 15.0-400-DB, FRAKO LKT 20.0-400-DB

And FRAKO LKT 25.0-400-DB, FRAKO LKT 30.0-400-DB, FRAKO LKT 6.25-440-DB, FRAKO LKT

10.0-440-DB, FRAKO LKT 12.5-440-DB, FRAKO LKT 15.0-440-DB, FRAKO LKT 20.0-440-DB

And FRAKO LKT 25.0-440-DB, FRAKO LKT 30.0-440-DB, FRAKO LKT 6.25-525-DB, FRAKO LKT

12.5-525-DB, FRAKO LKT 15.0-525-DB, FRAKO LKT 20.0-525-DB, FRAKO LKT 25.0-525-DB

FRAKO LKT 7, 1-300-DP, FRAKO LKT 14, 2-300-DP, FRAKO LKT 21, 3-300-DP, FRAKO LKT

5 0-400-DP, FRAKO LKT 10, 0-400-DP, FRAKO LKT 12, 5-400-DP, FRAKO LKT 15, 0-400-DP

And FRAKO LKT 20, 0-400-DP, FRAKO LKT 25, 0-400-DP, FRAKO LKT 3, 8-440-DP, FRAKO LKT

10, 0-440-DP, FRAKO LKT 12, 5-440-DP, FRAKO LKT 15, 0-440-DP, FRAKO LKT 20, 0-440-DP

And FRAKO LKT 25, 0-440-DP, FRAKO LKT 28, 2-440-DP, FRAKO LKT 30, 0-440-DP, FRAKO LKT

15, 5-480-DP, FRAKO LKT 18, 0-480-DP, FRAKO LKT 10, 0-525-DP, FRAKO LKT 12, 5-525-DP

And FRAKO LKT 15, 0-525-DP, FRAKO LKT 20, 0-525-DP, FRAKO LKT 25, 0-525-DP FRAKO capacitance

Device, FRAKO controller, FRAKO compensation device

FRAKO LKT 3, 3-440-EP, FRAKO LKT 4, 50-440-EP, FRAKO LKT 5 0-440-EP, FRAKO LKT

9, 4-440-EP, FRAKO LKT 2, 4-480-EP, FRAKO LKT 3, 3-480-EP, FRAKO LKT 3, 6-480-EP,

FRAKO LKT 4, 8-480-EP, FRAKO LKT 6, 0-480-EP, FRAKO LKT 2, 8-525-EP, FRAKO LKT 3, 3

-525-EP, FRAKO LKT 8, 3-525-EP, FRAKO LKT 5 0-400-DL, FRAKO LKT 6, 25-400-DL,

FRAKO LKT 9, 3-400-DL, FRAKO LKT 10, 0-400-DL, FRAKO LKT 11, 7-400-DL, FRAKO LKT

12, 5-400-DL, FRAKO LKT 20, 0-400-DL, FRAKO LKT 5 0-440-DL, FRAKO LKT 7, 6-440-DL,

FRAKO LKT 9, 1-440-DL, FRAKO LKT 12, 1-440-DL, FRAKO LKT 17, 6-440-DL, FRAKO LKT

3, 6-480-DL, FRAKO LKT 4, 5-480-DL, LKT 7, 2-480-DL, FRAKO LKT 7, 8-480-DL, FRAKO LKT

10, 4-480-DL, FRAKO LKT 12, 5-480-DL, FRAKO LKT 4, 50-525-DL, FRAKO LKT 5, 9-525-DL,

FRAKO LKT 7, 7-525-DL, FRAKO LKT 8, 3-525-DL

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Company Profile
Shanghai ZhiChuan industry &trade co., LTD for domestic all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises to provide import of mechanical and electronic products spare parts sales professional company, and dedicated to the international brand fluid control valve class, pipeline valve class and related products in the domestic marketing and sales, has a team which is senior professional design and high quality, professional, industry and duty of the marketing team. The company since its inception, with foreign manufacturers and domestic users to build a good relationship of cooperation, ZhiChuan Shanghai industry and trade with years of the worked experience and complete product variety, can satisfy different users in the product design, manufacturing and project selection is put forward in all kinds of special requirements, and provide perfect technical service. The company main business global famous brand hydrophobic valve, solenoid valve, fitting, sensors, proximity switch, pneumatic hydraulic components and instruments, etc. The products are mainly operating service in tobacco, petroleum, chemical, plastic, metallurgy, electric power, textile, glass, paper, ceramics, automobile, shipbuilding, packaging, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment and other industries, and can also provide introduce all kinds of complete sets of equipment, water production line and equipment technology reform, etc. Shanghai industry and trade co., LTD. ZhiChuan agent, distribution, manufacturers, for: Fluid control: DELTROL regulating valve, control valve, VERSA electromagnetic valve, ROSS electromagnetic valve, double valve, FLUTEC throttle valve, solenoid valve, WAIRCOM electromagnetic valve, RICKMEIER gear pump, SCHMALENBERGER pump, CO - AX electromagnetic valve, Integral Hydraulik valve, HYDAC ball valve, Schwarzer Precision vacuum pump, DUPLOMATIC valve, KRACHT valve, WESTING HOUSE rotary valve, STEIMEL pump; [ Buying Categories ] - Manufacturing & Processing Machinery >> Apparel Machinery Parts