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Covent-Cassette Oven Filter

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Covent-Cassette Oven Filter
Supplier Details
Company: COOCA Environmental Techniques(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd
Tel: 86 - 0512 - 62863564
Address: NO.55 Jianpu Road, Shenpu Subarea, Suzhou Industrial Zone, Suzhou Jiangsu 215126 China
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Selling Parameters

CoventTM -Cassette Oven FilterCoventTM series of oven filter, by use of alu.-separator and advanced pleating techniques, gives a solid guarantee to different types of filters for variable purposes with most rational and effective structure and rigidity, resulting in excellent filtration performances along with lower initial pressure loss and longer life-time which is most suitable for operation in painting-shop conditions of variable volume and extreme high temperature. Technique Parameter (EN779)TypeDimension (WxHxDmm) Filter classRated air flow (m3/h ) Initial resistance<=(Pa)  Recomm. final resistance<=(Pa)Filter area (m2)Remark KGT60A/78 610x610x78  F6 1500 30 250  4.9 KGT60C/78305x610x78  F6 750 35250 2.4  KGT60A/150 610x610x150  F6 2000 50300 7.2  KGT60C/150 305x610x150  F6 1000 55300 3.6 KGT60A/292610x610x292 F6 3400 80300 14.5  KGT60C/292 305x610x292  F6 1700 85300 7.2 KGT90A/52610x610x52  F8 1500 90250 5.4 KGT90B/52915x457x52 F820001102506 KGT90C/52305x610x52  F8 750 90250 2.7 KGT90A/78610x610x78 F8 1500 80250 4.9 KGT90B/78915x457x78 F8 2000100250 5.7 KGT90C/78305x610x78  F8  750 80250 2.4 KGT90D/78610x457x78 F8 100080250 4.5  KGT90A/150 610x610x150  F8   2000  90 300  7.2  KGT90C/150305x610x150 F8 1000 95300 3.6 KGT90A/292610x610x292  F8 3400 120300 14.5 KGT90C/292305x610x292 F8 1700 130300 7.2 KGT60A/292HF592x592x292  F6 3000 110300 12.5Single flangeKGT60C/292HF287x592x292 F6 1500 115300 6.2Single flange KGT90A/292HF 592x592x292 F8 3000 150300 12.5Single flange KGT90C/292HF 287x592x292  F8 1500 155300 6.2Single flange Orders with specified sizes are acceptable.
Frame: specially galvanized steel    Separator: Aluminum
Media: ultra-fine glass-fiber        Gasket: heat-resistant material
Protection grills: metal grill at two sides
Heat-resistance up to 450 Celsius Degree
Filter efficiency: F6 (60%), F8 (90%)
Company Profile
Established in 2000, Cooca believes in customer-oriented philosophy, devoting herself to set up the marketing network for expert technical solutions of air- whose core contents include: professional and thorough consulting program, excellent and faithful ratio of performance & price, and perfect and prompt whole-process service. The philosophy has been the basis of continuous increase of market-share. Being the most dynamic element in purification industry, Cooca actively takes part in the intense competition and stand on her own feet in the local & international market. Our possessed logo "cooca?" has been widely recognized in the past development course.Cooca has learned a lot in the competition and accumulated rich experiences in professional knowledge. Cooca is growing up as one of the main manufacturers for air filters and purification equipment. Cooca produces a full range of air filters, such as cabin filter, filter mat, bagfilter, HEPA and ULPA; and purification equipment such as air-shower, HEPA box, pass-box and relief damper. Our products can be used in variable fields:1. In AHU2. Surface treatment (paint shop, ovens, etc..)3. Dust removal (gasturbine, steels, cement, etc..)4. Production process and clean rooms (pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, hospitals, etc..)5. Cabins & Engines of car and locomotive6. Comfort air for civil useCooca's inspection and test as well as design and production comply with and implement the front-line technical standard from EU and U.S.A. Closely cooperating with globally-outstanding raw-material suppliers and specialized test institutes, we have developed together variable new types of raw-materials, and then continue to make improvement on them. Our efficient work teams of production, engineering and techniques stick to innovations on equipment and technology so that to guarantee the distinctive position of Cooca's products.To meet clients' expectations of lowering the investment and operation cost while satisf [ Buying Categories ] - Business Services >> Environment Projects