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Carbon Black N660

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: N660
  • Brand Name: SXD
Carbon Black N660
Supplier Details
Company: ShenZhenShiShengXianDaTechnologyCo.,LTD
Tel: 86 - 0755 - 33623670
Address: ShenZhenShiShengXianDaTechnologyCo.,LTD Shenzhen Guangdong 518111 China
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Selling Parameters

N660 Compared with strong sex, N550 low, structure, low inflation, high embouchure filling quantity. Inner tire and rubber mold and extrusion application, ordinary, monolayer moistureproof system products, rubber belt, cable, shoes and calendering products, products! GOODS:CARBON BLACK 660 STANDARD LIMITS TEST RESULT 1 IODINE ABSORPTION VALUE g/kg 36±6 40 2 DBP Absorption 10ˉ5m3/kg 90±7 92 3 CDBP 10ˉ5m3/kg 66-82 70 4 CTAB 103m2/kg 29-43 33 5 CTSA 103m2/kg 34±9 42 5 Heating reduction % ≤1.5 1.2 7 300% Set out stress MPa -2.6±1.6 -1.2 8 ASH % ≤0.5 0.01

Company Profile
Shenzhen ShengXianDa Technology Co., LTD is integrated carbon black's production, R&D and trading. Our company was established on July, 2003, located in the China South International Materials City, Shenzhen. The transportation is very convenient. Our factory is located in Shanxi province, which has an area of 31,000 square meters, 5,000,000 total registered capitals. We have 5 senior professional engineers, more than 150 workers and three full-automatic production lines of coal tar deep processing.Our own independent products are Dry / wet process Carbon black, Bitumen, Industrial Naphthalene, Coking oil. We are also agent for Reclaimed rubber, Petroleum oil, Calcium Carbonate, Titanium pigment, Zinc Oxide, burning oil etc. Our products command a good reputation in domestic different industrials as well as overseas markets such as Europe, Middle East and many southeast Asian countries. The carbon black includes international standard Dry/wet process N220, N234, N330, N326, N539, N550, N660, N774. Pigment series BH901, BH902, BH903, BH905, BH906, BH907 and Fill series BL801, BL802, BL803, BL805, BL806, BL807 etc. Naphthalene including 93 general naphthalene, 95 standard naphthalene, 98 Refined naphthalene. Bitumen includes medium heat and modified two leading items. Coking oil products consist of wash oil, light oil, anthracene oil, carbolic oil. Calcium Carbonate includes light 800 and 1200 items. Petroleum oil contains rubber oil, paraffin oil, aromatic oil, naphthenic oil and white mineral oil. Zinc Oxide mainly includes 99.7 and 99.5. Reclaimed rubber is mainly based on refined cell surface rubber, shoe material rubber and white reclaimed rubber. Burning oil includes color and colorless.Our company owns independent import/export right, strictly follows up the management principles of priority to quality, customer oriented, service oriented, manage sincerely. Warmly welcome friends from around the world to deal with business and visit our factory!