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Boron Trioxide

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: none
  • Brand Name: tanyun
  • Delivery Time: 10 days after payment
  • Packaging Details: It is packed in the woven bag, in which should be
Boron Trioxide
Supplier Details
Company: YingKou Tanyun Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd
Tel: 86 - 0755 - 26406100
Address: Xinhu Street Coastal Industrial Base Yingkou 115004 Liaoning China Dalian Liaoning China
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Selling Parameters

 English name:Diboron trioxide

 Another English name: Boric oxide, Boron oxide, Boric anhydride

 CAS RN: 1303-86-2 


1. Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Molecule formula: B2O3

1.2 Molecule weight: 69.62

1.3 Melting point: 450℃

1.4 Boiling point:1860℃

1.5 Density:1.085 gram per ml (Amorphous)

1.6 Solubility:The product can be dissolved in acid, ethanol, hot water, and slightly dissolved in cold water.

1.7 Property:It is a colorless transparent powder. Its surface has greasy feeling its hygroscopicity is strong and it is easy to be hydrolyzed to form boric acid. In high temperature, it can be reduced by alkali metal or magnesium to monocrystal boron, It can be completely mixed dissolved with the oxides of metal, copper, sliver, aluminum, tin, arsenic.


2. Technical indexes:



Boron oxide %(m/m)


Sulfate %(m/m)


Aluminum oxide %(m/m)


Choride %(m/m)


Undissolved matters in water%


Size(through 180um)%



3. Uses: It is used as the flux in decomposition of silicates the mixing agent of semiconductor material,the additives

 of heatproof glassware and paint refractory. It is also used in production of alloy steel in metallurgical industry. In addition 

it’s used as the catalyst in organic synthesis, the additive of lubricant used in high temperature, can be also used an environmental protection.


4. Safety notes

The product is considered toxic. It will harm body’s health by swallowing, breathing in, eyes contacting, skin contacting. 

To bring it into contact with eyes or skin will lead to irritation. To swallow it will lead to irritating alimentary canal. To inhale 

it will lead to irritation of respiratory tract. The highest allowable concentration is 15mg/m3 (OSHA) in working place. Wear safety-protective glasses, dustproof gauze musk, rubber gloves during handling it.


5. Package: It is packed in the woven bag, in which should be put two strata of plastic bags, net weight 25 kg a bag.


6. Storage:It should be stored in a shady, ventilating and dry storehouse. Its shelf life is one year. It can be still used

 if up to standard through retest after the specified date. Should start using the product in air-drying place. When radical changes of humidity occurs, it will recrystallize and agglomerate. Should pay attention to keep

 away from the radical changing environment during storage, and ensure good package.


7. Transportation:Should avoid violent collision, rain drenching, sunning, and can’t take mixed transportation with 

strong oxidants during transporting.

Company Profile
YingkouTanyun Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. - referred to as the TanyunChemical Industry, Formerly known as Yingkou Petrochemical Institute, foundedin 1971.Its a professional committed to the fine chemical products,polyurethane foam gap filling agent, PVB, chlorinated paraffin, aerosolcans,military and civil products development and production of researchproduction enterprise.The products are widely used in construction, industry,daily chemical, medicine and other fields.The company is located in Liaoning(Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, West of Xinhu Street, covering 116,000square meters.Consists of four branches: Yingkou Tanyun Chemical PackagingProducts Co., Ltd. ,Yingkou Tanyun Polymer Resins Co., Ltd., Tanyun Chemical -Hebei Xinji paraffin plant. The company has passed the GJB9001B 2009 (nations scale) qualitymanagement system certification,Weapons and equipment research and productionsecurity authentication,Weapons and equipment research and production license.We have the level of chemical enterprise quality inspection institutionqualification. We have been accepted the high and new technology enterprise ofLiaoning province, civilization integrity private enterprise qualification ofLiaoning province,enterprise technology center qualification of Liaoningprovince,Good faith demonstration enterprise of Liaoning province.ourcompany has cooperated with Jinan Yihemanagement consulting company, Shenzhen Qizhengweice enterprise consulting co.,LTD,Beijing Bishang consulting company, for Promotionof brand and enterprise culture construction,and made the"performance management system andsalary management system".