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Alloy Plating Series

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: RC-90,gun black plating "C"
Alloy Plating Series
Supplier Details
Company: Wuhan Fengfan Trading CO., Ltd
Tel: 86 - 27 - 83560745
Address: floor 5th, Zhongxin Building. No.17 Jiangxing Rd. Jinahan Economic Developing Zone, Wuhan City Wuhan Hubei 430023 China
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Selling Parameters

The deposit is obtained by this process which appearance like to chromium deposit. Its corrosion resistance and brightness can be compared with chromium deposit. The deep plating ability of deposit is over than standard chrom-plating.
The maximum character is suitable for barrel plating of small parts, increase product efficiency.
Applied Rc-90 as an alternative process of chromo-plating in light industry products which without special requirements for hardness. This product can obtain very noticeable economy.

Nickel-free gun black plating "C" salt
The process is nickel � free gun black color, it is without harm for skin of body. A deposit has elegant, unique and decorative gun black color (black pearl) can be obtained on the bright plating layer, which is a prevail for color at present international market.
Widely applied for light industry products such as watches, lamps and decorative of leathers, etc. It has high hardness, good wear resistance, process is very stable, suitable for rack and barrel plating.

Additive for gun black (black pearl) plating
An elegant, unique deposit that can be plated on bright nickel or copper layer, has special decora-tive effect. It widely applied for light industry products, such as watches, lamps and decorative of leather, etc.
The color deep of process and equip blackener according to need for customers, the color of deposit can be adjusted, obtain elegant black pearl in color.
The deposit has high hardness, wear resistance, process stable.
It is suitable for rack and barrel plating.

PS-1 acid plating bath of gun black color (PS-2 is a deep gun color)
A deposit with uniform, smooth and light gun black color (black pearl) can be obtained by this process. It has deep plating ability and good wear resistance, high hardness.
The process is applied 100% concentration of plating solution. It contains all component of bath, need not diluted by added water as well as other component, then directly plating. The ideal deposit can be obtained by small current and short time.
Plating bath stable, easy to maintain, only need regular replenishing original solution.
Easy control process, suitable for rack plating.

Company Profile
Wuhan Fengfan Trading Co., Ltd, whose precursor is the Imp. & Exp. Department of Wuhan Fengfan Chemical Co., Ltd, is a professional trading company for importing and exporting various products, which was established on January of year 2005.Our products are mainly included electroplating chemical intermediates, electroplating additives, brightener, surface treatment agents for electroplating, and special fine chemicls. We also deal in export trade, such as all concerned basic chemical materials, equipment, apparatus and auxiliary device for surface treatment.By the last more than 20 years, we had won a well-known international reputation by our high quality products and faithful service. Our products have been exported to almost all of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Syria, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Japan, South Corea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and other countries.As our business progresses, we have built a long-term and mutually trusted business relationship with our customers. In order to give our clients a good all around service, we registeredWuhan Fengfan Trading Co., Ltd. Now our business scope has been extended to hardware, apparel, footwear and headwear, textile, office supplies, mechanical equipment and its spare parts, construction materials, decorative materials, instruments and meters, equipments for environment protection, chemical equipment; also including the sales for chemical products and materials and its consulting for transfer of technology; at the same time we can act as an agent for importing and exporting all kinds of commodities and technology for our customers.To be a specialist of surface chemical treatment with you, we are looking forward to cooperating with all of our regular and new customers, it is our great pleasure to provide our best products and service for you all.