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Acesulfame K

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: Acesulfame K, sweetener
Acesulfame K
Supplier Details
Company: Food Taste & Additives (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Tel: 86 - 21 - 64823975
Address: NO.4-218, Lane51, Longcao Road, Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai 200235 China
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Selling Parameters

As a calorie-free, high-intensity sweetener, Acesulfame K is about 200 times sweeter than sucrose in a five percent solution, and its taste is very much close to that of sucrose with a fast onset of sweetness and no unpleasant delay. Ace-K is quite stable under normal storage conditions, and no differences are found among samples newly produced or after up to five years' shelf life.
Ace-K Content 98.0~102.0% Fluoride(F) ≤0.003%
Heavy Metals(as Pb) ≤0.0010% Lead(Pb) ≤0.0001%
Loss on Drying(105°C,2h) ≤1.0% PH(1%,Solution) 6.5~7.5
Potassium(K+) 17.0~21.0%
N.W.:25kgs/fibre drum;G.W.:27kgs/fibre drum.

Company Profile
?The person lives with food, and food lives by the additives ?F(Food)T(Taste)A(Additives) your demand, FTA your partner!Food additive and raw material industry is a vigorous industry in China that develops fast. While FTA(Food Taste & AdditiveShanghai Trading Co., Ltd.) is an international trade company of a new type. It gives priority to technical service. Although FTA is still a young company, the final target for FTA is to become a comprehensive productive company along with the development of the industry, to enhance the company's R&D capacity and to make products like food additive, raw material and enriched drugs as its main products. The source motivity of the development of FTA is that it becomes into a good partner as it can help solve problems for food & drinking processing industry.