Beijing Tianhe Xuerong Group
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BEIJING TIAN HE XUERONG GROUP come to existence in 1984. Our company make a great effort to content the apply of the market, for the first time we only a manufacturer of material, but now we are a integrate cashmere product and exported group. Our products include raw material, cashmere, hybrid, yak, camel, alpaca, angora and wading sweater, cashmere quilt and so on. For the sake of our competitive power our cashmere product switch from low side to high side which is include the six series and several decades of products. We have patent which is offered by the ntellectual property rights of China.BEIJING TIAN HE XUERONG GROUP purchased all of the raw materials from the Inner Mongolia where is the most biggest origin of cashmere and wool materials .we export of cashmere products to Korea, Japan, European Union, Africa and India .We also have advantage equipment: such as dehairing machine, drying machine, wadding machine, sewing machine etc.Presently it has RMB 51 billion of assets and RMB30 billion of registration capitals.The company is created by 500 staff and 60 technique persons are continuing research new items . BEIJING TIAN HE XUERONG GROUP are consist of HEBEI QINGHE TIANHE XUERONG CD.,LTD( Main Products : cashmere, wool hybrid ,wool ,wadding, sweater and cashmere quilt and so on ) , SHANDONG QINGHE TIANHE XUERONG CD.,LTD ( Main :Angora )HEBEI QINGHE TIANHE XUERONG CD.,LTD ( Main : Angora , wool Alpaca and Mohair) .