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TIANJIN SHENGQUAN NEW TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDThis company takes new technology as principal part, takes the development of high-tech products as guidance, takes commercialization and industrialization of scientific achievement as operation pattern, and integrates information qualified personnel, achievements and market as an organic whole. Our company has two main series of products, one is key parts of pneumatic power conveyance of powder materials and CONVEYORS BELT; the other is PNEUMATIC AND ELECTRIC ACTUATOR THE FORMER INCLUDE1. Airslide fabrics (belt): This Air permeable fabrics is used for pneumatic conveyors of bulk materials .It is an indispensable part of cement plant, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, dense phase systems,air/fluid slides bulk cement tank trucks, ship and fixed cement tanks. 2. Special hose for aeration of bulk powders: This technology is introduced from foreign countries, it is applicable to large-tonnage bulk cement tank trucks and varieties of fixed bulk cement tanks, it has no air cell and is characterized by large capacity, high speed in discharging ash, and high efficiency, it can improve the economic performance of bulk cement tank trucks. 3. Varieties of gas and liquid filter fabric: superfine fiber filter felt, waterproof, oil proof and adhesive-bonded felt, and anti-static electricity felt, these products are applicable to steel plants, power plants, cement plants, black carbon plants, aluminum plants, pitch plants. 4.Conveyer apron: This product is applicable to flour mills, food plants, oil plants, lifting and conveyance equipment of grain depots, and cooling conveyance equipment of glass tube plants, width and thickness of this product may be adjusted according to the requirements of users. 5.Cotton sifter pads: our company developed this products according to the advantages of sample products from Bullet company of Switzerland, Simon company of Britain and Oaklim Company of Italy, the products is [ Buying Categories ] - Textiles & Leather Products >> Functional Fabric