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SHENZHEN RARE METAL CO.,LTD produce and supply refractory metals,high temperature metals,and other rare metals,include:W/Mo/Ta/Nb/Ti/Zr/Ni/Cr/Co/In and their alloys.mainly include 5 business departments: 1.Refractory metals:finished and semifinished products,W/Mo/Ta/Nb/Cr ingot/plate/sheet/rod/wire/tube and high temperature furnace parts such as heating elements,radiation shields,charge carriers,crucibles ect. 2.High temperature metals:finished and semifinished products,Ni/Cr/Co and their alloys ingot/plate/sheet/rod/wire/tube,castings,forgings,machined finished products. 3.Lighting metals,electronical metals,semiconductor metals:Produce W/Mo/Ta/Nb/Ni foil,strip,wire,pin,rod,NbZr tube,dimming shields,stainless steel parts ect.Produce Ta sheet,wire for Ta capacitor making.Produce W/Mo base plates for semiconductor. 4.Anti-erosion metals:provide Ti/Zr/Ta/Nb plate,rod,thermocouple tube,flange,spinneret Ta plate,acid-resistant Nb jet gun parts and equipment for chemical industry. 5.Recycle metals:recycle and provide refractory,high temperature metal scrap for the metallurgical industry,also supply alloy ingot from vacuum induction melting. And our company is located in SHENZHEN CITY,GD China,which is connected with HONG KONG.the transportation is very easy.Our goods can be reached our customers overseas by air(3-7days)or by-sea(having direct sea vessels to major ports of the world). Welcome to contact our people with experiences and efficiency to benefit both of us. [ Buying Categories ] - Minerals & Metallurgy >> Other Non-Metallic Minerals & Products