Mher-lilus LLC
taron 2, 2/1 Vanadzor Lori Armenia
86 - 13 - 022581607
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Due to your request we are glad to introduce Mher-LilusS LTD to you. Our company is functioning in RA starting from 1996. We are one of the leading producers of bleach for laundry under brand name LILUS in Armenia. Our product is famous for its special substance that affords the protection of clothes and automatic machines. In addition to the production of the bleach,detergent powder, dishwashing liquid,our company is supplying domestic market with different detergents. Our company provides high quality and compatitive prices of products that satisfy the needs of market. We are cooperating with various international organizations, manufacturerscompanies. In domestic market our company is functioning both through its own shops wich are more then 30 specializing in detergent only, and with the cooperation of nearly 82% of different other shops and wholeseller s. The distribution of the channels are covered with the help of our trucks and sells managers as well as in cooperation with others. We are proud to mention that due to our hard work and high quality we were able to cover the needs of every region in our country. There is no village we are not able to make our products available. The products are now being exported to the Republic of Nagorno Karabagh.