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Seashell Powder is derived from natural sea shell. It is a rich source of calcium.Seashell Powder has high absorption of this product can influence fast development of bone in the breeding poultry and hardness of egg shell in the laying chickens. It can increase milk producing and decrease milk fever in producing cattle and weight in breeding cattle. Consumption of mine shell or removes aflatoxin, one of the main problems of feeding, in livestock and poultry ration. Advantages of Seashell Powder compared to ground limestone or sodium bicarbonate:? A natural source of essential spoor and micro-elements for animal husbandry.? Rich in calcium? Good absorption? Improves health of animals? Prevents rumen acidosis thereby improving performance and feed efficiency.? Reduced afterbirth problems? Less Milk-fever.? Improved gait.? Healthier hoofs.? Improved Ca/P balance in feeding-stuffs. 10$-15$ PER 100KG10$-15$ PER 100KG10$-15$ PER 100KG10$-15$ PER 100KG 10$-15$ PER 100KG10$-15$ PER 100KG [ Buying Categories ] - Agriculture >> Animal Feed