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Introduction of Rotary Kiln :<a href="" title="Rotary kiln"> Rotary kiln </a>is the main equipment of calcining cement clinker.The drying machines are used to heat solids to the point where a required chemical reaction(s) takes place. The <a href="" title="Rotary kiln"> Rotary kiln </a> is basically a rotating inclined cylinder. Solids retention time in the kiln is an important design factor and is set by proper selection of the diameter, length, speed, slope and internals design. There are two basic types of rotary kilns; direct fired and indirect fired.The dryer is used in the cement plant to calcine high grade cement, at the same time can be used in metallurgy,chemical,construction ect.Our <a href="" title="Rotary kiln"> Rotary kiln </a> system is after technology innovation, being used in the most advanced hydraulic gear wheel device, the metering piston pump of high precision, the high precision control valve and contact graphite blocksealing devices and other advanced technologies. It features in easy to operate and operational safety. Compared with the same specification equipment, the rotary kiln stabilizes the thermal system program and improves the equipment operation rate, with the operation rate increased by 10%, the yield increased by 5% -10% and heat consumption reduced by 15%.Kefan designs and supplies both direct fired and indirect fired rotary kilns for a wide variety of applications. We have supplied over a thousand rotary kilns ranging in size up to 7.6 meters in diameter and 190 meters in length.Therefore, we can provide repair parts to the original tolerances and specifications and take advantage of the latest designs and improvements.