Haiyan Zhongda Electronic Material Co. Ltd
No.88,Huyan Road,Baibu Town, Haiyan County,Zhejiang Province,China Jiaxing Zhejiang 314312 China
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Haiyan Zhongda Electronic Material Co. Ltd is the branch of Zhejiang Special Steel Co., LTD, which is affiliated to the Zhejiang Jiaxing Zhongda Group Co. Ltd. The factory is professional in manufacturing Precision alloy and Stainless Steel, which can provide a variety of steel grade and specification strips, bars, forgings, flanges and other products according to customer requirements. The annual quantity is about 15000 tons and annual output value is 300 million Yuan. Our mainly products:1. stainless steel welding strip: as the high anti-corrosion ability material, it is widely used in vessels, containers, inner wall of chemical tower with solder to improve the anti-corrosion ability.2. Precision Alloy, Electronic Metal (thermos complex bimetal for electronic components and multibeam welding bimetal alloy for color kinescopes parts), the ??i36???thermos complex bimetal alloy is one of the ??ational key new products projects?? and also certificated by ??hejiang High-tech Products??3. Chemical Industry Equipment Manufacturing Material, this material is an important and popular anti-corrosion structure material. We are reputed with high quality and various grade material in Chemical tower and chemical packing manufacturing circle.Our products are used in a wide range of applications in chemical industry, petroleum, printing, fertilizer, ship build, nuclear industry, electronic appliances, fastener and construction. Every products will be tested in an independent Test Lab under the group, which equipped with advanced physics (Sweden Expansion Tester), chemical (Germany spectroscopic analysis machine) and mechanics test equipments, and also can issue an independent mill certification.