Green Day Eco-friendly Materials Co., Ltd.
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About Us
Greenday Eco-Friendly Materials Co., Ltd. Our production takes place in an environmentally friendly and innovative extrusion process using natural resources. After processing and utilization, these regenerative materials are returned and reintegrated into biological circulation. All materials and products of GREENDAY are functional, ecologically beneficial and of high quality. The versatile product program not only provides substitutes for "traditional" synthetic and petrochemical products but also opens up possibilities for the development of new products with properties which commonly used plastics do not offer. GREENDAY's customers are provided with a progressive and future-oriented concept leading to new markets with potential but still in accordance with the demands and requirements set by the environment and market. GREENDAY is a competent partner for biodegradable materials. The fully biodegradable materials GREENDAY develops are mainly Polylactic Aid (PLA), Poly-Butylene-Succinate (PBS) and Polystarch Materials (PSM). The performance of our products produced with modified materials reaches the international leading standard. These products include biodegradable sheets, injection-molded products and film bags. They are suitable for high grade disposable plastic tableware, disposable medical apparatus, inner plates for electronics, cosmetics, healthcare products, toys and gifts, different kinds of soft plastic bags, foodstuff packing films and other related products.GREENDAY is certified in accordance with FDA 21 CFR 176.170 and EN71 part 3 for Food Safety. Those certifications are audited by an independent certification agency annually. Our integrated manufacturing system takes into account the requirements of quality, environmental and labour protection. Within the scope of this system, GREENDAY has defined company policies and objectives - the implementation and achieving of these are ensured by suitable controlling measures