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Fujian Zhongmin Chemical Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in trade, production, technology development and consultation of chemical materials for over 10 years. We have a full line of chemical facilities with perfect distribution of networks, quality testing equipment and rich experienced chemical experts. With rich experience in chemical field, we have very strong and influential in leading consumer industries such as: Fatty Oil, Painting, Rubber, Plastic, Daily Chemical Commodity etc.We have headquarter, warehouses in Fujian and office, warehouses in Guangzhou, our headquarter locate in Mawei, Fuzhou China, the traffic here is quite convenient for communication tools. With good commercial credit, we have established good business relationship with many international manufacturers and buyers. We always make progress with our customers, to us, only making progress can survive this competitive market.Our business can be divide into three parts.1)We work as agency. We have import and export permission from our government, and welcome all kinds of company to be our partners. Presently we represent several domestic manufacturer to export their goods including clothes, cap, ice bags, handicraft etc.2)Exportation: We export various kinds of products including Maleic anhydride, fatty alcohol, ammonium chloride, tallow fatty acid, washing products etc to abroad.3)Importation: We import the chemical materials like the leftover of Palm/Coconut/soybean Oil bio-product(SFAD,PFAD, CFAD, PAO, CAO, residue), Castor oil, Glycerine etc. from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, India, Indonesia etc. According to official statistics, our company has come out top during 100 largest chemical company of Fujian Province, and has become an trinity of Science, Industry and Trade.We welcome you to contact us freely. [ Buying Categories ] - Chemicals >> Other Organic Chemicals