Beijing Reci Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
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Beijing Reci Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing, researching and producing CO2 laser tubes. Our company uses the high-tech equipments in place of manual adjustments, most of which are regulated digitally to execute production line.We are committed to researching and testing the CO2 laser for as long as 10 years and have gained 9 patent certificates in China, who is the only company in China can supply CO2 laser tubes with 2 year-lifespan and output power from 70W to 180W. All of the tubes have gone through lots of tests. The new A series products has solved the worldwide problem - deformation of optical resonant cavity - thoroughly. Together with our unique catalyst technology, now our tubes become very stable. Therefore, our products have very high performance-price ratio and can reduce the unnecessary after-sale costs significantly. In December 2009, Reci Laser has completed to build the world's largest manufacture base of high-tech CO2 laser tube in Zhongguancun Electronic Town, Beijing. The annual output will reach 35,000 tubes. All the tubes will be examined for 10 hours before its release. At the same time, Reci Laser can process optical mirror by itself. We provide a complete solution for your requirements: laser tube, power supply, reflecting mirror and tube frame.*CO2 laser ? a kind of laser which can send infrared laser under high voltage, the CO2 gas together with other auxiliary gases are sealed up into a special glass tube. [ Buying Categories ] - Manufacturing & Processing Machinery >> Glass Product Making Machinery Parts